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Mark Santa Maria

MSM Collector Stickers

MSM Collector Stickers

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Collect 'em. Trade 'em. Stick 'em.

Show off your collection to your friends — your RC sticker game is endless with these colorful, durable and waterproof stickers! MSM Collector Stickers sheets have limited number of prints and are a collector item for RC hobby fans who enjoy the sport and supporting MSM.

Anyone who has ever met Mark at an RC event is most likely familiar with one of these highly coveted and colorfully printed sheets. These stickers are ideal for customizing your RC car, and can be used to stick onto walls, doors, the body of the car, and anywhere else you can imagine.

They are made from durable vinyl and will not scratch or damage even smooth surfaces. They are weather resistant and extremely long lasting.

Each sheet is a unique design and color, and all of them are limited production runs, so act fast to get the ones you want!

Sticker Sheet includes:

1x - 4.75 inch "MSM"

2x - 3 inch "MSM"

2x - 1.5 inch "MSM"

2x - 1 inch "MSM"

2x - 1.5 inch "#msmnation"

2x - 1.25 inch "#msmnation"

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