Fearless Leader, Mark Santa Maria


I am a true remote controlled car enthusiast with over 15 years building, customizing, and driving RC Cars. 

When I am not traveling around the world racing at the largest events, you can find me at the local park speeding through fields, crawling through rocks, or jumping whatever I can find with these scaled cars.

“I don’t do things in RC to make video content, I do what I enjoy and just turn on the camera.” -Mark

In late 2018 I started the Mark Santa Maria YouTube channel to share my RC adventures with the rest of the world. My overall experience, presence in the racing community, passion for bashing and building rc cars helped my channel grow quickly with the wide variety of remote control car related content.

The MSM vlog’s main mission is to promote the RC hobby and grow the community that I consider as family.


Team Ambassador, Chase McCullough 

Hi I'm Chase! I’m just a regular 9-to-5 working father married to the most amazing woman in the world a long with one beautiful daughter, I live in Forney, Texas and I am a truck driver/co-owner for R&M Transport. What got me into RC was scrolling around on YouTube one night and I came across Mark Santa Maria’s channel. He was talking about mini Z’s by Kyosho and it was super cheap to get into, for a first time racer. So I went and checked out Lonestar RC hobbies and it took off from there. I chose RC racing because it is not as dangerous as real auto racing. I would have to say it brings out the kid in me and not a hobby that my wife doesn’t mind me doing! Because racing real cars is out of the picture! Happy wife happy life.

I will say after watching Mark's channel and following him then meeting him in person I realized the RC hobby needs more people like him!  What he’s done for other people out of the greatness of his heart. For a hobby to have somebody like that who wouldn’t want to be part of such a fun hobby.

My goal is to take team MSM to the top with no looking back and help them grow the hobby especially help other sportsman racers along the way.

I hope to become an amazing driver to not only run my car a few laps but to also go around the rest of the time to associate with fellow hobbyist and find out who’s new and pump them up plus introduce them to some of the other higher-ups in RC just like Mark did for me. 



Team Ambassador, Jamey Powell

I’m Jamey Powell from Tuscaloosa, AL. I’m married to my best friend & “RC manager”, Lauren Powell. Together we have three girls, Ava, Addie, & Lilliana. I’m just your average laid back, country boy. In a life surrounded by girls, RC is something for me. I love all things RC related – wrenching, bashing, crawling, racing. You name it I love it. But racing is my favorite. When I’m not spending time with my family, you will find me at my local track The Warehouse in Helena, AL, wrenching on my cars in my man cave, or racing every weekend I can.

After meeting Mark & Mel at SIC in January 2021, I knew racing was my next RC venture. From the moment I purchased my Tekno EB48 2.0 until now, racing has become my favorite thing to do. Not only because it’s fun and I enjoy doing it, but for the people you get to meet and the new friends that you gain along the way. Your RC family is like your extended family.  

Some things I want for my future in RC include: To do all I can do to keep the RC hobby growing in racing. To help our team grow and get the presence out there. To help as many people as I can, especially the younger people. Because after all they are the future of RC. To have as much fun as I can while racing. If I win, I win. If I don’t, I don’t. I am still going to have the best time doing it. Because having good time with your friends and family is what it really is all about.



Team Ambassador, Jose Isales

Hello MSM Family. I’m Jose Isales Jr. I’m from Avenel, NJ and just retired from the World’s Finest Navy after 22yrs. I live in San Antonio, TX and have 4 kids (3 boys and my princess) who are usually at the track with me. My middle son, Mark, (one of the MSM Brat Pack) is also into racing and just recently got his first truggy (ET48 2.0). You can usually find us racing Saturdays at Thornhill Racing Circuit in Hutto, TX. I’ve wanted to get into RC ever since my cousin let me drive his RC10 back in 1988.

In 2003, I walked into Al’s Hobbies with my first re-enlistment bonus and never left. I bought an Ofna Dominator and started racing asphalt oval at Al’s against the hottest truck (Traxxas T-Max). In 2010, I was introduced to on-road racing by Korey Harkbe, Kody Knudtson, and Steve in Washington State. After that trip, we started on-road racing in San Antonio and never went back. After buying the track from Al’s Hobbies we (Alamo City Racing Club, ACRC) started racing twice a month at Rodriguez Park until Covid hit. I got into racing off-road at RCHQ until the track closed and I started racing at Thornhill.

In the future I’d like to open my own in-door carpet race track with the main goal of getting local schools involved in an after school program. I’d like it to be a place where kids can come, do their homework and then turn a few laps around the track. Our local racers have already agreed to help teach the kids how to build and maintain their vehicles. There have also been numerous Navy Sailors agree to tutor the kids with any schoolwork issues they have. I want to provide the community with a family friendly place to race. 




Pro Team Ambassador, Mike Battailie

*bio coming soon*




Pro Team Ambassador, Spencer Klein

MSM Family,

I am Spencer Klein. I am 14 years old from Jenks Oklahoma. I have 2 brothers Blake(25) and Hayden(21) and 1 sister Abigail(17). My awesome parents Owen and Roger, my mom is a Special Education Teacher, and my dad has several jobs as well as my pit man.

My journey in RC started just under 3 years ago, I had played Ice Hockey for a few years, but it just was not my thing. My parents said that I needed a sport or a hobby to do and the search began. For Christmas that year I got my first RC Car (Redcat, Black).

I loved bashing it and then figured out I also loved to work on it. That brought me to YouTube where I watched videos of actual races and where I was also introduced to Mark (The Fearless Leader). We met Mark for the first time a few months later at a track in Texas, he actually pit with us and we had a blast.

My family have loved watching MSM videos, and we would see Mark and his family out at the races, we became friends and even though I tried to hide from the camera we loved the show he produced and his always happy and having fun relationship with RC of all types. When we were told about the team and what it purpose was, we knew we wanted to be a part of it.

In the early days it was MSM and other great people in the hobby that have helped me improve and learn the skills needed to drive at a higher level. MSM will give me the opportunity to now share that knowledge and love for the hobby with the rest of the RC community.

I am blessed with great sponsors and support team to help me follow my dream to one day be a top 10 driver in the world, right now my focus is having fun and learning as we go. Thanks, MSM, Tekno RC, AKA Tires, TNR Fuels, BLOK, JTP, Boom RC, Muchmore Racing, 1up Racing, Shaw’s RC Track, B.A. Hitch & Trailer, Beach RC.

See ya on the track!