Welcome back to another RC Blog and this time Mark Santa Maria is geeking out about some awesome new RC car products from CowRC. In this video, Mark unboxes a prototype of the CowRC pit table, a parts and chassis wash concentrate, hide wipes, and a jet blaster turbo. He also shows off some new MSM shirts and lanyards.

CowRC Pit Table

The CowRC pit table is huge, measuring four feet wide and two feet high. It comes with movable pieces and a magnetic mat in the middle. Mark demonstrates how you can write on the table with a dry erase marker and then wipe it off. The back side of the table is made of a rubbery texture so it won't slide off the table when you're wrenching.

Parts and Chassis Wash Concentrate

Mark's go-to cleaning chemical is the CowRC parts and chassis wash concentrate. You let it sit for a little bit and it really penetrates the dirt. This concentrate can make two huge spray bottles out of one small bottle.

Hide Wipes

Mark loves the CowRC hide wipes. He uses them to clean his hands, parts, and pit area. The wipes have some really good penetrating stuff on them that will get your stuff really clean.

Jet Blaster Turbo

The jet blaster turbo is a substitute for an air compressor. It's perfect for indoor on-road racing because it doesn't blow too hard and doesn't pull as many amps.

MSM Shirts and Lanyards

Mark also shows off some new MSM shirts and lanyards. The shirts come in red, white, and black camo and white, black, and gray camo. If you order a shirt, Mark will throw in a lanyard for free.


If you pre-order any of the products, you can get a discount if you use the MSM coupon code. You can also get 10% off the jet blaster if you use the MSM coupon code.

Mark loves all the new CowRC products and is excited to share them with his viewers. He encourages everyone to check out the CowRC website and take advantage of the discounts available with the MSM coupon code. Thanks for watching and see you next time!


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