Drag Race begings!

In an effort to keep this a smaller group of "just have fun" racing and smack talk. The first MSM RTR List RC Drag Racing is invite only. There are a few spots open so please reach out if you are interested.  We will race till about 10pm and head over to Hooters for a late dinner. Here is the current list of racers:
Nasty PeLosi / Mark Santa Maria
Blew Bayou / Bret Ayala
Green Slip / The Barry Rowe
Open Tha Noor / Jake Goodlett
Gap Daniels / Rock Cunanan
Bye-den / Boodrow
Magnum / James Titus
D. Shark / Jarod Hill
Cold Fusion / Christopher Scott
Sum Ting Wong / Brad Holcomb
MSM Dream Killer / Gary Nicholson II
This race will set the initial list after which, we can open this up to general public.
Did I mention I am super crazy excited? I'm losing sleep over the excitement.
Be sure to stay tuned for the next blog update!
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