2022 MSM 4th of July Parade

What is MSM? 

MSM represents the Mark Santa Maria Youtube vlogs. MSM has 2 Youtube channels, a travel vlog and a Radio Controlled Car vlog. The RC Car channel was the first and the larger of the two. It focuses around Mark’s passion for the RC Car hobby and the life as a traveling RC Car racer.

Who is Mark Santa Maria?

Mark Santa Maria is DFW native and a current McKinney resident. He is a father of 3 kids and husband of active McKinney spiritual and wellness influencer Melissa Cantu.

With over 15 years in the Radio Controlled Car hobby, Mark is well known in the RC industry as a sponsored RC Car Driver, and social media influencer, podcast host, and of course his youtube vlogs.

What is his mission?

His mission is to grow the RC hobby by sharing his RC adventures and the knowledge he has acquired over several years in the hobby.

Along with his social media presence, he also hosts summer camp classes for all ages where he teaches the fundamentals of building and driving a hobby grade RC car. After the camp is over, all the campers get to take home their tools, pit gear, and their very own RC Car!

What is so special about the RC Car hobby?

It's a family friendly hobby for all ages and skill levels. Whether you want to race at the highest level or just enjoy laughing with your family in the backyard hitting ramps, there is something for everyone!

Some cars run off of nitromethane and gas however, the fastest radio controlled cars reach speeds over 100mph and run off of lithium polymer batteries.

Who’s walking in the Parade?

Mark Santa Maria - the creator and personality behind MSM

Melissa Cantu (Mark’s wife) - McKinney spiritual and wellness influencer

Evan Santa Maria (Mark’s son) -  Current 2022 National Champion in Nitro Truggy (Driving the nitro powered truck painted in blue with pink flames)

Ethan Santa Maria (Mark’s son) - Up and coming racer. One of the youngest traveling racers!

Patrick McCarthy - Owner of Mac’s Custom Designs. McKinney based Signs and Banner Service. Also an RC Enthusiast

Jazmine Hernandez - Creator of RC Divas, a social group of women RC drag racers

Marco Cruz - Owner of online RC auction Chico’s Chop Shop

The rest of the drivers have traveled from all over the nation to participate. This includes drivers from the MSM Racing team and supporters of the channel we refer to as “The MSM Nation”.

MSM Parade Sponsors and Supporters

Traxxas -  Traxxas is the largest Radio Controlled Manufacturers in the world. They are based out of McKinney

Mac’s Custom Designs - McKinney based signs and banner service

Curbside Car Care - DFW Mobile auto service and detailing

Native - Spiritual event space in downtown McKinney