MSM NO Prep List Racing “List Shakeup” Recap

There were no shortages of fun and surprises at last night's “List Shakeup” race. This race set the initial Top 10 fastest no prep rtr racers in the north DFW community. Here is the summary of last night's results…
12. Gap Daniels / Rock Cunanan (Losi) - Gap Daniels was not able to make an appearance last night. Apparently he is lost in UPS world. Rock did everything short of driving to UPS and looking for Gap himself, however we will have to wait till the next race to watch his attempt to climb the list.
11. Pinky / Jesse Hernandez (Traxxas) - Jesse struggled with some electronic and throttle issues all night. Pinky was a victim of an amazing “out of the box” run from Jarod and “D. Shark” in round 1, wasn't able to keep Pinky down the middle in round 2 against “Cold Fusion”, and the “MSM Dream Killer” killed Pinky’s dreams of making the list in round 3 after a roll over on the last half of the track. Rumor has it that “Pinky” (the body) was given to another driver at the end of the night. We are not sure if that means Pinky will be back with a new identity or a new shell next race. We will see…
10. MSM Dream Killer / Gary Nicholson II (Losi) - Gary called out “Green Slip” during the driver’s meeting to start off the night and Barry happily accepted. This plan did not play out well for the “MSM Dream Killer” after taking a loss in round 1 due to coming out of his lane. He took another loss in round 2 against “Milkshake” but was able to make a test hit in round 3 with a bye. “MSM Dream Killer” was unable to “kill” MSM’s dreams but was able to get on the list with a round 4 victory against “Pinky”. He also called out “Magnum” at 9 after the shakeup to keep him out of the gatekeepers spot. Although Gary’s night started rough, he ended it with some positive momentum.
9. Magnum / James Titus (Traxxas) - It appears as if Titus’s alligator mouth caught up with his tadpole ass last night. After being gapped by “Bye-den” in round 1, he was able to “lick his wounds” in round 2 with a bye, but got drug by “Milkshake” in round 3 which put him in the #9 spot. Titus accepted a call out by Gary after the shakeup and ended the night with another loss. Magnum has a target on his back after dropping to the gatekeeper's spot but it's back to the drawing board for “Magnum” after a healthy serving of humble pie.
8. Cold Fusion / Christopher Scott (Losi) - “Cold Fusion” had a great night however had an unfortunate draw against “Nasty PeLosi” for round 1. Even though “Cold Fusion” made a great A to B pass in round 1, it wasn't enough to keep him out of the bottom half of the list. Chris took the win in round 2 and went straight to round 4 to take a loss against Jake for the #7 spot. Sitting at the #8 spot with clean passes all night, it is safe to say the bracket worked against him in the shakeup.
7. Milkshake / Jake Goodlett (Traxxas) - Milkshake showed everyone how important round 1 is in a shakeup race. Jake was called out by Brad with “Sum Ting Wong” in round 1 and got caught sleeping on the light. Sum Ting Wong was about 3-4 cars out before Milkshake decided to leave the line. After a round 1 loss, Jake won 3 in a row against the “MSM Dream Killer”, “Magnum”, and “Cold Fusion”. If he didn’t sleep on the light in round 1, would he be sitting in the #1 spot? I guess we will never know.
6. Blew Bayou / Bret Ayala (Losi) - We present to you all, the LUCKIEST person on the list. If Milkshake was an example of how the first round can hurt a racer, “Blew Bayou” is an example of how it can help. Bret drew a first round “bye” which put him in the winning half of the bracket to start the night. He had arguably the toughest path to #1 after the bye. Bret took a loss to “Bye-den” in round 2 and slammed into a cone against “Green Slip” in round 3 ending his night early putting him in the #6 spot.
5. D. Shark / Jarod Hill (Traxxas) - What an emotional roller coaster Jarod and the “D. Shark” had last night. After arriving late with a BRAND NEW UNOPENED Traxxas slash, he scrambled to get it ready during the drivers meeting. Luckily, he drew race 6 which gave him and his helpers time to get to the line to race “Pinky”. He shocked everyone with arguably the fastest pass of the night from any of the Traxxas cars. Literally A to B on the back wheels perfectly straight. He ran into some bad luck in round 2 when racing “Nasty PeLosi” when shortly after leaving the line, the dreaded noise of shredding gears echoed through the area. He got a pass in round 3 before ending his night by getting gapped by “Green Slip” in round 4. Not bad for a racers who took a car out of the box the night of… haha!
4. Green Slip / Barry Rowe (AE) - Barry and “Green Slip” would have gone undefeated for the night if it weren’t for his nemesis “Sum Ting Wong”. Barry took the W against the “MSM Dream Killer” in round 1 but ran into fellow commercial airline pilot in round 2. Barry (Delta Pilot) raced Brad (American Airlines Pilot) in round 2 and lost in a nail biter race to the finish line. This loss made it impossible for the “Green Slip” to see any spot above 4 but Barry finished the night off strong with a victory over “Blew Bayou” in round 3 and “D. Shark” in round 4.
3. Sum Ting Wong / Brad Holcomb (Traxxas) - Brad was one of the first people at the spot to test and tune. He came with a mission to prove his #8 power ranking was incorrect. He had a plan and executed it perfectly, well almost perfectly. He called out Jake in round 1 and won, raced his nemesis in round 2 and won, but ran into a racer on a mission (Boodrow) in round 3. Brad’s night ended in round 3 however it put him nicely in the top 3.
2. Bye-den / Boodrow (Losi) - The spec racing specialist lived up to his reputation. It was obvious that Boodrow did his homework during the short time he had to get his car ready for the race. He drew “Magnum” in round 1 creating a showdown of the loudest people on facebook. Boodrow took the win kicking off Titus’s downward spiral in round 1, gapped “Blew Bayou” in round 2, and ended “Sum Ting Wong’s” night in round 3 putting him in the finals against “Nasty Pelosi” and “the racer he owns in rc racing”. His #2 ranking shows how it ended for Boodrow and “Bye-den”.
1. Nasty PeLosi / Mark Santa Maria (Losi) - MSM and Nasty PeLosi did exactly what they have been training to do, go fast in a perfectly straight line. Although there were some strange noises coming from her transmission during passes, it didn’t affect the results MSM set out for. Nasty PeLosi took a win in round 1 after a close race with “Cold Fusion”, she had an easy win in round 2 after a catastrophic failure from “D. Shark”, and went straight to the finals where she defeated “Bye-den” by fender about an inch away from hitting the center cone at the finish line. Word on the street says that MSM’s last post on FB was made earlier that day and said “all you dingleberries are going to learn today”. ::mic drop::
The Fastest List:
1. Nasty PeLosi / Mark Santa Maria (Losi)
2. Bye-den / Boodrow (Losi)
3. Sum Ting Wong / Brad (Traxxas)
4. Green Slip / Barry (AE)
5. D. Shark / Jarod (Traxxas)
6. Blew Bayou / Bret (Losi)
7. Milkshake / Jake (Traxxas)
8. Cold Fusion / Chris (Losi)
9. MSM Dream Killer / Gary (Losi)
10. Magnum / Titus (Traxxas)
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