Evan and I recently got our hands on a brand new Redcat RDS 10 scale two-wheel drive drift car. We were both excited to check it out and see what it had to offer. After unboxing it and taking a look at all the features, we were both impressed with the quality of the car. It had adjustable alignment chassis settings, carbon fiber components, HDP drift tires, and a maximum drift angle of 45 degrees. We were both really excited to give it a try.

First Impressions
After unboxing the car, I was really impressed with how refined it was. Redcat didn't strike me as a company that knew a lot about drifting, but it was clear that a lot of thought had gone into this car. I loved the carbon fiber components, which made the car feel higher quality. The battery snapped in easily and was easy to take out. We decided to give it a whirl and see how it drove.

Drifting with the Redcat RDS 10
Drifting is a completely different driving style, and it took us a few minutes to get the hang of it. We weren't sure if we were just bad drivers or if we needed to make some gyro changes. We decided to take it to an actual drift track to get a better feel for it.

We headed over to RC Drift America, a local drift track. The track was narrower than usual because they were getting ready for a competition, but we were able to get some good laps in after a few minutes.

The Verdict
Overall, we were really impressed with the Redcat RDS 10. We loved the power system, the magnetic body post, and the adjustable turnbuckles. The throttle curve was nice, but we wished it was adjustable. We also didn't like that it didn't have a licensed body, as we felt like that was a missed opportunity.

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In conclusion

The only metric you have to worry about with this car is the fact that when we opened it up, put batteries in it, and started driving it, we couldn't put the remote down. It was so much fun to try to get drifts right and drift around corners and tables. Anytime you drive a car and you lose track of time, that's a freaking awesome RC car.

We highly recommend the Redcat RDS 10 for anyone looking for an affordable and fun drift car.




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